27 February 2007

Bible Study & Prayer Retreat, without the fluff!

Watch this space for word of a Bible study & prayer retreat I'm organising, with a little help from my friends. It'll be either may 25 & 26 or June 1 & 2. I'm leaning toward the 25th, but we have to get the go-ahead from the good folks at Rainbow Christian Camp. The retreat will be free of charge! You'll need to bring your Bible, food to contribute to our communal meals, sleeping and personal items, mosquito repellent, good walking shoes and an open heart.

This will not be overly scheduled. We will gather & pray on Friday evening, dedicating our time to God. We will then sit together with open Bibles & discuss the things we care about most deeply, seeking answers & perspective from Scripture.

Saturday morning will likely include an intercessory prayer walk . . . at speed! Then more Q & A guided Bible study with some good Inductive tips thrown in at no extra charge.

Friends will be coming from Kentucky, Ohio & Indiana, but why not as far away as GA or even Central America? I'm coming all the way from NZ!

For directions to Converse, IN and Rainbow Christian Camp.

Interested? Drop me an e-mail and let me know. It'll only be better if you are there.

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Anonymous said...

I plan to be there! Sounds wonderful. Thanks for planning. Lynda