21 April 2007

On my Way to USA!

I've been at home for the past week with an intestinal ailment that I don't want to discuss. Who knew I had a week out of my busy schedule to stay home? I am preparing for Discipler Equipping Seminars 28 April & 5 May! Ahhhh! We need more disciplers, but time is short. I'd rather do things better than to just do things in time, but this is where we are. Reuben is overseeing teaching ministries at Shore and we are working together within the time frame we have.

So please pray that a leader, or two, will arise to take responsibility for connecting those who are keen with prepared disciplers to accompany them on their journey.

I look forward to 1-2 June @Rainbow Camp!
I hope you can join us . . . . about 8 have chimed in so far from Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana . . . . for Bible study and talking and prayer and walking and . . .

Spring should be showing herself in the US as Summer comes to an end in NZ.

The seasons we share together sustain me.

Gratefully yours.

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