24 January 2007

2 Links & a Question

On a trip from NZ via San Francisco I was able to visit Grace Cathedral which has a labyrinth in the garden outside. Walking a labyrinth is a metaphorical journey. It is not intended to confuse you, as a maze might do, but to take you within yourself and to take you out clear in heart & mind. Read further!

Another site that has caught my attention lately is John Piper's, especially his message on Prayer and it's vital connection to Missions. What do you think? See what Piper has to say and add your comments here.

I've been reading in Isaiah, one of the OT books I have least mastered. I'm good in Jonah, taught Amos & Hosea in Zimbabwe, have spent a reasonable time in Psalms, remember Dr. Black's antics in teaching the Pentateuch at JBC. Nehemiah has taught me much about leadership, project management & passion in mission. I avoid much of Jeremiah; the single & grumpy prophet. Which OT book or books do you appreciate most and why? Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your heart & mind! :-)

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