23 October 2006

A few notes from Dan Allender

After weeks of trying, I am FINALLY able to log into Intersections! Woohoo!

Have read lots of books lately for school, but when the semester ends next week I am looking forward to reading for enjoyment. The trouble is . . . not sure where to start. Do any of you have suggestions?? All recommendations will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dr. Dan Allender is visiting New Zealand and he spoke to our counselling class last week . . . mostly about counselling stuff 'n all. But, here are some gems I captured for us:

  • The absence of words speaks just as loud as the words themselves.
  • The sign of maturity is our growth in faith, hope and love.
  • What's your mission statement?
  • At the end of the day, all people want is love.
  • There is fruit in struggle. Struggle invites you into a larger narrative of life.
That's all from me until next time . . . please let me know about your book recommendations!! Thanks.


Jill said...

For more info on the process of sifting your personal mission statement from the values you already hold dear, look at, How To Write a Mission Statement


The Top 10 Keys To Crafting a Compelling Mission Statement by Barbara McRae

I can also send you a document I use in workshops. :o

Anonymous said...

You issued a BIG challenge for me...do I have any suggestions for reading materials? Where do I begin..hmm...Renovations of the Heart (Willard-chapter 5) and Eat This Book (Eugene Peterson.
Also, from Dallas Willard...'we have counted on preaching, teaching, and knowledge or information to form faith in the hearer, and have counted on faith to form the inner life and outward behavior of the Christian. But, for whatever reason, this stategy has not turned out well. The result is that we have multitudes of professing Christians who well may be ready to die, but obviously are not ready to live, and can hardly get along with themselves, much less with others.'

thanks for the challenge...

Benjamin Ady said...

You asked for book recommendations: Current top 5

Christine Wicker: "Not in Kansas Anymore"
Eugene Peterson: "Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places"
Tracy Kidder: "Mountains Beyond Mountains"
John Grisham: "The Innocent Man"
and of course, always on every top 5 I ever wrote:
Brennan Manning: "The Ragamuffin Gospel"