08 November 2006

On A Journey - literally!

My favourite part of a journey is very possibly the time that I am in the air, between countries, often arriving to find I have skipped a day. Being aware that there is a day on the calendar that I have not actually lived makes me think in wierd ways. Am I really as old as my birth certificate attests since there are some days I have not really had heart beats used up on? What did I miss? What might I get to enjoy because of that wrinkle in time? Does time travel suit me? If so, why do I always arrive feeling so tired? You don't see THAT in the movies!

All this just to say, I'm enroute to another land, the land of my birth, to meet people with whom I share a meta-journey. I'll reconnect, learn, encourage, and give thanks.

I'll also ask you why you haven't signed in and joined in our discussion here!


1 comment:

rene said...

I am one of those people that you will ask............why didn't you resond............I FINNALY figured it out!!!!! I love your journey too, because sometimes it leads you back to me!!! Rene