09 November 2006

Thoughts of a mentor

I have been thinking about those who don't care about being the center of attention...a mentor from my past comes to mind.

I've asked myself...what attracted me to this person? Do others easily dismiss this person because of her selfless nature? She has a simplicity that draws me in and makes me curious. I want to ask her questions. Do you like your life? Do you see yourself as a square peg in a round hole world? I would like to ask her to describe the clearest moment she's had in God's presence. Do you see the work you are doing today as intensely as the day you began leading and guiding women?

I continue to ask questions to myself...What do I need to see in myself that needs tweaking? Remolded? What do I need to know about myself that's obvious to you Lord? Show me Lord--the good that your Spirit has formed w/in me and the ugly that fights to take over if I don't hold on to you!

May the fruit we bear be Christ.
May the harvest be ripe.
The fruit won't fall so far from the tree.
Abide in you abide in me. And the father is glorified.
May the fruit we bear be Christ.

Let us agree...
that we will be signs of a life to come
and may we believe and freely receive
all that God has done...

(Lost and Found/LIMB records)

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Jill said...

More & more I am confident that our greatest impact will be on one person at a time. We look at the stats and think of the many wounded or lost in the world . . . but if my life is blessed by a godly mentor, and a group of godly friends like all of you, then I am blessed indeed. And if I can benefit from our friendship in a way that will challenge me to ask the tough questions as Chero brought up here, I will be healthy.

I need you to tweak me, to point me again and again to my naming Jesus as Lord, and asking whether my life is consistent with that.

May the fruit I bear be Christ.

Does everyone have someone who comes to mind when you read "godly mentor?"