16 September 2006


I know there may have been some trouble in accepting the invites to be able to post to this blog.
Please let me know if you cannot register and get access. You can read the blog without registering, but I want everyone to be able to join in the conversation, to add quotes and links and things helpful to all of us. So it woul dbe good if you could register and be able to post.
At first, as you get started, it might be a bit daunting. There's new tricks we can so that proves we are NOT old dogs! But it will be worth it in the end . . . . and once you do a thing a few times, it gets easier.

I'd like to ask for your response to the previous post . . .

What have you been reading and why should the rest of us consider reading that book?

Or, what SCripture has God shown you this week, or what has He shown you about yourself when reading His Scriptures? Hmmm . . .


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Jane said...

I am looking forward to posting to this blog. Until that happens, I'll see if I can post a comment! I have been reading Matthew 6 this week and just finished the verses on worry . . . or not worrying, especially about the past and the future.