05 January 2007

What are we reading in '07?

Chero and I have found a fun blog for booklovers. It is not a spiritually oriented blog, just interesting to read what others are writing about what they are reading.

It offers several challenges . . . to read books that are already unread and on your shelves, to read classics or old books you've loved before in a different season of your life, to read books from other countries or cultures . . . .

I wonder what kind of challenge we might share?
Or, if not a challenge, then at least to think and plan intentionally for what we might to explore or to what we expose our minds and hearts.

Biography is great! What of a dash of history and a bit of travel? Some literature and a rhyme or two? It's totally up to you.

So, comments please. Suggestions or challenges or proposals. It's all good.

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