19 August 2006

Blogging Good For Prayer Life?

I was thinking that blogging could be a valuable tool for community, for a pooling of resources and encouraging one another. For the time being, it is a bit of a frustration as Blogger is switching to a new system and the glitches are not yet out of the way. So, I'm becoming conversant with the Blogger Support Team, and they are probably becoming frustrated with my repeated questions, though I always end with a "thank you".

So, in the mean time, please begin a folder of goodies to add to this site. Accumulate quotes, comments, topics of interests, thoughts that you'd to pursue, memories & dreams . . . . . books we should read and URLs for sites we should link to and visit. Paste those in a Word file or something like that and then we can assemble them all in our blog when the bells & whistles are sorted out. Do join me in this journey. I think it will shrink the miles and enrich our relationships.

Interested in learning more about keeping a spiritual journal?

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i know jesus... said...

Hello jill, it's tessa and cheryl. we just wanted to see your blog.you'll have to visit mine.

love you, tessa and cheryl